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Rude Ranch Animal Rescue is a no kill, cageless animal sanctuary based in Harwood, MD. We provide shelter to animals that have no place else to go: special needs, sick and abused, the critically injured. The ones that have run out of time at county and state run animal control agencies. At any given time, we have between 120 – 180 animals under our care. We receive no government funding. Rude Ranch’s mission is to find permanent loving homes for adoptable animals placed under our care; to provide a safe haven and rehabilitation to feral and neglected animals rescued from abusive situations; and to put an end to needless euthanasia because of pet overpopulation.

In the years since its inception, Rude Ranch has partnered with many individuals and animal welfare organizations to further the cause of animals in the area. Mostly working with special needs animals that would be euthanized in traditional shelters, Rude Ranch has been providing them with veterinary care, rehabilitation and offering them sanctuary until they are placed in a permanent home. Although the original mission of the organization was to place as many animals in new homes as possible, it soon became apparent that this would not be a successful model. There just weren’t enough homes for the vast number of animals.

In an effort to make a greater impact to help the companion animals in Anne Arundel County, Rude Ranch is moving forward to implement a large scale spay and neuter clinic, “The Spay Spa & Neuter Nook”, to get ahead of the over population problem. Many similar programs have worked in other large markets and resulted in a drastic reduction in the number of animals being euthanized.

We will utilize the best practices recommended by large regional spay/neuter clinics while allowing for modifications to reflect the specific needs of Anne Arundel County and the surrounding areas. Upon opening the clinic, the first year goal will be to spay and neuter a minimum of 6,000 companion animals. With goals of 7,000 and 12,000 for years two and three. The ultimate goal of the clinic will be to grow as necessary to handle the demand for our services from the community.

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